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Happy Halloween!

What’s better than Halloween?

Halloween on skates!

I joined the Empire Skate Club on their epic jaunt from NYC to Sleepy Hollow on Saturday.

Rollerbladers in costume.

Photo by Mike Tillman.

I was nervous - it was farther than I’d ever skated. I was gonna do it last year, but bailed because I was scared. What if I got hurt? What if I couldn’t finish? I could always get in one of our volunteer’s cars at a designated rest point, but my ego didn’t want me to have to do that.

The hills in Yonkers nearly killed me. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Around mile 21, my legs and butt froze up and told me to eff off, so I rolled into Superwoman Jan’s car. She, Pennywise Rick (below), and Steph (not shown) met us at different points throughout the day. They also brought us homemade gluten free treats and water! They are fabulous and I want them to be my moms. But I don’t want Rick to ever tuck me in or tell me a bedtime story.

Superwoman Jan and Pennywise Rick.

I don't usually accept rides from strangers or clowns, but made an exception in this case.

I'm glad I was able to tell Fear to shut up this time around. We all had a great time being giddy on endorphins and Halloween silliness, and the weather was perfect. I couldn't finish the whole 28 miles, but so what? It was amazing to get together with these adventurous, zany people.

How was your Halloween? Did you have to face anything scary? Please share your pics in the comments.

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