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Do you have an incurable autoimmune disease and an obsession with rollerblading?

Anyone? No? Hmmm, I might have to broaden my audience. How about this:

Are you a human being who likes to laugh at the absurdities life throws at you, and then hurl some right back?

No? Okay, so you hate laughter.

I know! Do you like puppies or kittens or generally wasting time on the internet?

Then this site is for you!

I'll write about all sorts of goofy things, like how to constantly walk into cubicle walls at work (have terrible depth perception/just be an overall spaz), how to kick a Cap'n Crunch addiction (drink chocolate pea protein shakes), and how to inject yourself with platelets when you're needle-phobic. (Don't! Go across town to your doctor's office like a scared little baby-woman and have an RN do it for you every week! No brainer!)

And sometimes, I'll just post a pic of my dog, Willie:

I hope to inspire you to not let life's hurdles dominate your existence, no matter how enormous they seem. There's room for other stuff.

Poll time! When you want to expand the boundaries imposed upon you by the universe, do you:

a) Meditate

b) engage in Extreme Knitting

c) Say eff you to your limitations and do the most dangerous you can think of to prove you're a badass (go sky diving, free-solo rock climbing, or cook a meal for your in-laws)

Please post your answer in the comments below.

Thanks for visiting. Roll on by again soon!

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