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I recently found this party favor my friends Lara and Missy O. gave me when I was five:

Miss Piggy Keychain

It’s a gigantic Miss Piggy key chain! Back then, I had no idea what Piggy was talking about - I was just obsessed with The Muppets and loved that she was a sassy broad. Little did I know she’d be giving me sage advice to last a lifetime: You gotta go with whatcha got!

In 2008, I got Lupus. If you're not familiar, it's an incurable autoimmune disease that can make you exhausted and pummel different organs of your body. Mine, for example, chose my kidneys.


I've had lots of ups and downs since I was diagnosed. There have been times when I was too weak to walk, and times (like now!) when I'm able to rollerblade 20 miles in an afternoon.


You gotta go with whatcha got! So, I gotta go with Lupus. Which means accepting the limitations that come with a chronic illness, pacing myself during flares, and appreciating every second I'm in remission. It can also mean making lemonade out of lemons. Lupus made me take charge of my own health, educate myself about alternative healing methods, and get a health coaching certification so I can help others.

You gotta go with whatcha got, but Lupus isn’t all I’ve got. Besides being a survivor, I’m a  writer, doggie-mama, and wife. I live in New York City with my husband, Chris, and our Bichon, Willie the Wunderdog.

And that’s what Rolling With Lupus is all about.

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